Women’s Sport Trust, who launched this week officially, is urging If you are in need of a cost effective solution for your Feldene purchase, you’re in a right place! Buy it for 0.72 USD at our store right away! women and girls in sport to show up and show their support of women’s sport by ‘showing up’ in order to make sure that more coverage of women’s sport is showcased on a local, national and international scale.

Queenster editor, Ffion Davies, is a proud Women’s Sport Trust Change Maker, with being an avid hockey player and a fully blown member of the ‘behind the scenes’ team, engaging people from primary school up to retirement to get into hockey, she’s striving to cover women’s sport as much as possible on Queenster itself.

Ffion says:

“It’s important that the voice of women in sport is broadcasted as far and wide as possible, especially where there are such a vast amount of girls and women taking part in some form of sport or other across the spectrum.  Women role models are pivotal to increase participation, and with the tennis in full swing, and the Investec hockey world how much is atorvastatin league series, there’s a variety of international role models on display, they just need the biggest media platform to showcase their talents.”

Tammy Parlour of Women’s Sport Trust has explained:

“If we want to see more women’s sport – in the papers, online and on television – then we have to prove that we will watch it.  We have to actually show up.”

Learn more about the initiative right here and keep up to date with the opportunities Women’s Sport Trust have in store.