At the moment, it seems as if nearly every week Ia��m reading an article about why women in sports shouldna��t get coverage, why viewing figures are always low on womena��s sports on TV or readership stats are non-existent for girls in game. Ia��m sick of it! Ia��ve had enough of men scribbling down these articles spewing out some numbers about readership and then preaching why ita��s only men allowed on the back pages. Women care about women in sport, what they do, who the play for, how they train and what they aim for. Wea��re half the population If you are in need of economic solutions for your Fucidin purchase, you can find them at our store, as we sell it for only 20.64 USD! Act today and dona��t miss your chance! so why do we get scraps of column inches when mena��s football get pages upon pages of the same old story printed about the same old teams? Because the writers are men, the editors are men, therefore the men win.

London 2012 boasted being the a�?Equalities Gamesa��. How can the British media fly the flag of equality for a couple of months and then revert back to only displaying support for mena��s sport, with a few measly words about

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a womena��s rugby international, or a by the by mention about cycling? Wea��re edging ever so close the first anniversary since London 2012 and those back pages are no way near as women friendly as they

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should be. The whole glossy mag for the women and the back pages for the men is out dated, a traditional approach to tabloids that needs revamping and readdressing.

Now we all know what the situation is, which you probably didna��t need me telling you about as ita��s stunningly obvious, ita��s time for you to come in. Wea��re hugely lucky to be living in a country that allows freedom of comment, speech and opinion, the world of a�?blogginga�� was exploded and brought some fantastic opportunities to grass root and community journalism, yet ita��s not really taken off within the female sports sphere. This needs to change, and needs to change now. Dona��t get me wrong, there are some stunning women in sports websites, social media networks and blogs already, for example Scrum Queens for rugby, Girls on the Ball for football, Sports Sister for womena��s sports in general and the Sportist, just to name a few. But, there needs to be more, the more the better, more more more!

There are millions (not hundreds, or thousands) of women and girls who are taking part in sports, at every level, around the country. Whether ita��s horse riding, gymnastics, swimming, hockey, football, whatever you might excel in, but then not much to read about in the form of blogs/online magazines. I know PUSH Magazine do a brilliant job in covering hockey, giving both men and women equal coverage, but Ia��d love to read about local hockey, international hockey, hockey in Wales, heck hockey anywhere, and more importantly, the hockey you play!

What you need to do is thisa��

  • Set up a blog/website (loads of free and easy to use ones out there)
  • Follow awesome women in sports Twitter accounts to keep up with what theya��re doing, especially in the field youa��re interested in a�� theya��re intensely inspiring!
  • Write up the articles you feel should be covered, which are ignored by the mainstream media
  • Show your friends, family, loved ones, your coach, fellow team mates, your team matesa�� mumsa��
  • Feel proud youa��re participating in changing women in sporta��s representation in
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Thata��s it! Youa��re not only giving like-minded people an opportunity to learn about the awesome goings on within your sport, but also empowering women in sports all over the buy retin a from medmex world.

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