The war between coverage and women in sport is a brutal one. Although viagra in canada prescription required more and more campaigns and initiatives are put in place to encourage women to take part in sport at grass root level, ita��s hard to get exited about certain sport with the lack of role model, no matter what the age, we all need someone to strive to be like in one way or another.

When I first got into sport seriously, I was 11 and I chose to play hockey, and thata��s what Ia��ve been playing ever since, 13 years later I head on over to the astro and throw myself around that D like therea��s no tomorrow (Ia��m a goalkeeper, in case you think I dona��t know

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how to play the game). What I was missing was the lack of a role model to aspire to be like. I was fortunate to have family members, teachers and friends who supported me when I first started, and still now to this day too, but what about the girls and women who dona��t have sporty people around them and they want to give something a go but dona��t know how to go about it? Boys have a plethora of people to look up to but girls have about a tenth of them, and thata��s being generous. They wona��t find role models unless they can find them and see them in the public eye.

This is why we thank the Independent.

Today (August 1st) the editor of the I has written an open letter to commend its sister paper, Independent on Sunday, for its excellent article about womena��s sport and the need to increase the coverage. Mr Oly Duff has stated:

So we salute our sister newspaper The Independent on Sunday for its pledge to raise awareness of greater sporting equality a�� not least by highlighting the best of womena��s sport in its pages, as well as mena��s. And we join our sister title in its pledge to improve coverage of womena��s sport. We dona��t promise a revolution and will not resort to tokenism, but womena��s sporting achievement is well overdue a platform. Please write in with any specific requests.

What an incredible statement, a mere paragraph that holds so many promises and a gleaming beacon of hope for the future of womena��s sport and its coverage. Dona��t know where you should look for an affordable Temovate deal? Rejoice and shine, because Temovate is available at our store for 33.69 USD! Ita��s refreshing to see a man delivering such a powerful message and the letter itself proves to be a tremendous step forward for the cause. Ita��s articles such as these that will start to raise awareness towards the inequality women in sport suffer, but more importantly, why this needs to be changed and how.

Thank you Independent, I hope many more will follow in your admirable and praiseworthy footsteps.

Read the fantastic letter by Oly Duff right here.


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