Braun has a brand new range of videos out, called RIP.A� No, ita��s not as doom and gloom as it sounds, but ita��s a tongue in cheek approach to the eradication of revolutionary hair removal that will keep your legs silky smooth for longer.

1st Pants Group Therapy Ever is a hilarious mock therapy session where pairs of jeans have come to share their tales of losing their true love.A� Discarded and forgotten about, the jeans are left to watch their once wearer parade about showing off her gorgeous legs whilst being left on the shelf, literally!A� Do you ever think about your jeansa�� feelings? Hmm? Do you?

No I dona��t either!

Shake yourself free from the denim shackles this autumn and show your beautiful legs to the world by grabbing some of Brauna��s new products, including the Silk-epil 5, for results that waxing cana��t match that will last for weeks!

Make sure you check out azitromicina for sale their other videos too, such as RIP Stubble, RIP Waxing and RIP Pants a�� Legs Rock.A�

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