The Scissor Sisters have met up with Paco Rabanne and performed an excellent acoustic live session for the stunning a�?Black XS a�� Excessive Sessionsa�?.A� If you dona��t know who the Scissor Sisters are, then you must have been hiding underneath a rock for a good long while, as the group have been going strong for over a decade now.A� They formed in 2001 and “Spawned by the scuzzy, gay nightlife scene of New York.a�?

The video starts with a seductive voiceover, stating:

"You better love New York, because New York doesn't love you"

– wow, let me watch some more please, I want to know why you don’t love me!

The nu-disco, glam-rock crew have recently brought out a new album, which received a vast amount of critical acclaim! Theya��ve joined forces with Paco Rabanna and their Black XS a�� Excessive Sessions to play some exclusive tracks and offer intimate, live performances to coincide with their a�?Be a Rockstara�� campaign.A� We all dream of the day where wea��ll be discovered for our fabulous musical talent and be swept into the glamorous rockstar lifestyle dona��t we?A� Well, if you want to be a rock star then head on over to where you can find exclusive Scissor Sisters interviews, backstage footage and all the videos of the buy lamisil tablets over the counter gig.A� Also, ita��s safe to say if you want to smell like a rock star, then youa��ll just have to pop out and get yourself some Paco Rabanne Black XS La��Exces fragrances.

Watch the teaser video now, which I guarantee will leave you craving for as much Scissor Sister Black XS a�� Excessive Sessions goodness as you can manage.

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