Azealia Banks is back with her brand new video for ‘Luxury’, which is taken from her mixtape, Fantasea.

The chic black and white video with the New York backdrop is a classy affair, a lovely visual to a song named ‘Luxury’, and released only a couple of days after London Fashion Week, where the glitz and glam of the catwalk is still lyme disease antibiotics for dogs fresh in our minds.

Azealia Banks, the contraraversial singer who’s shot to fame within a space of a few months is back amidst the controversy again, according to NME, who claims that the video for ‘Luxury’ was released due to having to pull her next planned single ‘Esta Noche’ due to a Twitter spat with producer Munchi.

The producer had claimed that Azealia and her team didn’t have the rights to to prep the songfor release, where he’s said to have been offered monetary compensaion in the tune of between $25,000-$50,000 and a public apology for his co-operation.

Munchi’s tweeted response was:

"No releasing my track, being a spoiled brat, releasing coverwork, release dates before even reaching out is a good look right? Tell your camp the deal is off I dona��t want your fucking $25.000. Fuck off. Go be a puppet bitch to someone else."

Not a happy chappy then.

Azealia is about to emark on her sold out tour of the UK at Manchester Club Academy on the 28th of September.

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