The nominees are announced for the 5thA�annual UK Music Video Awards a��A�aka the MVAa��s – celebrating creative excellence in British and internationalA�musicA�videos

M.I.A,A�Justice, The Shoes, Lana Del Rey, Jay-Z and Kanye West, The Maccabees, CalvinA�Harris, Rita Ora, Paloma Faith, Delta Heavy and David Guetta are among theA�range of artists whoA�have been recognised in the nominations for the UK MusicA�Video Awards 2012, announced today.A�

M.I.Aa��sA�Bad Girls and Justicea��s New Lands have picked up the most nominations this yearA�with 5 each. Overall, Justice, who are signed to Ed Banger, have received theA�most, with 7A�nominations across New Lands, On a�?na�� On and Audio Video Disco.A�Another notable nominee is The Shoes with their Time To Dance video, whichA�features Jake Gyllenhaal and wasA�directed by previous Best Director winner DanielA�Wolfe; it has received 4 nominations.

LanaA�del Rey dominates the Best Pop International category with videos for BlueA�Jeans, National Anthem and Born To Die; she has received 5 nominations overall.

Infectious Records haveA�made their mark on the nominations list with two Alt-J nominations forA�Tessellate and Breezeblocks and one for the Temper Trapa��s Trembling Hands.A�AnotherA�label to have received multiple nominations is Ram Records, who haveA�won 3 for their Delta Heavy videos for Get By and Hold Me.

LastA�yeara��s Video of the Year directors Daniels dominate the Indie Rock InternationalA�category with 3 videos a�� Foster the Peoplea��s Houdini, Tenacious Da��s Rize of theA�Fenix and The Shinsa��A�Simple Song. buying azithromycin 500mg OtherA�directors spotlighted by the Awards this year include Romain Gavrasa�� videos forA�M.I.A (Bad Girls) and Jay-Z & Kanye West (No Church in the Wild), both ofA�which have picked upA�multiple nominations and Yoann Lemoinea��s Woodkid (Run BoyA�Run) and Lana del Rey (Blue Jeans, Born to Die) videos. Both directors are upA�for the Best Director award.

CloserA�to home, David Wilson is nominated for his Alternative Advent Calendar andA�video for David Guettaa��s Titanium, while his Pelican video for The MaccabeesA�wins a nomination inA�Best Art Direction & Design. Fellow British directorA�Emil Nava sees his videos for Rita Ora, Ed Sheeran and Paloma Faith nominatedA�in the Best Pop and Best Urban categories. Both areA�up for the Best DirectorA�award.A�

The UK Music Video Awards and VEVO have also gotA�together to allow the fans to vote for their favourite British video of theA�past year with The People’s Choice Award. Eighteen videosA�by nine differentA�artists are in the running in the People’s Choice Award – to be revealed onA�Tuesday, October 16th, when the Award is launched on VEVO’s website, and the VEVOA�Facebook page.

TheA�MVAs 2012 is the premier awards show dedicated to innovation and creativity inA�music video, the medium that has become the audio-visual entertainment ofA�choice for theA�YouTube/VEVO and social media generation.

TheA�UK Music Video Awards editorial director, David Knight, says, a�?Ita��s aA�fascinating period for music videos as a creative medium. Technology, theA�internet and social media continues toA�change how music videos are made and howA�they are consumed. They are central to peoplea��s lives again, a huge source ofA�entertainment a�� and sometimes awe and wonder.

A�a�?AndA�the MVAs has become a globally-recognised event for celebrating the outstandingA�creative work in music videos in the UK and around the world. Last yearA�filmmakers travelled fromA�Europe and the United States to attend our biggestA�show ever. It was a very good night indeed a�� and Ia��m sure the fifth MVAs willA�be the best one yet.

TheA�UK Music Video Awards 2012 ceremony will take place at The Empire, LeicesterA�Square in Londona��s West End, on 8thA�November.

HereA�is the full list of nominations:

BESTA�INDIE/ROCK VIDEO a�� UKAlt-JA�a�� Tessellate // Director:A�Alex SouthamBandA�of Skulls a�� Sweet Sour // Director:A�Mark Maggiori & Petecia Le FawnhawkClockA�Opera a�� Lesson No 7 // Director:A�Aoife McArdleColdplayA�a�� ParadiseA�A�(alternative version) // Director:A�ShynolaTheA�Kooks a�� Saboteur // Director:A�Surrender MonkeysSpiritualizedA�a�� Hey Jane // Director:A�AG RojasA�

BESTA�POP VIDEO a�� UKA�in association with 4MusicCalvinA�Harris ft Ne-Yoa�� Leta��s Go // Director:A�Vincent HaycockEdA�Sheeran a�� Lego House // Director:A�Emil NavaGeorgeA�Michael a�� White Light // Director:A�Ryan HopeM.I.A.A�a�� Bad Girls // Director:A�Romain GavrasPalomaA�Faith a�� Picking Up The Pieces // Director:A�Emil NavaWillA�Young a�� Losing Myself // Director:A�Henry Scholfield

BESTA�ALTERNATIVE VIDEO a�� UKAlt-JA�a�� Breezeblocks // Director:A�Ellis BahlAntonyA�& The Johnsons a�� Cut The World // Director:A�NabilClarkA�a�� Black Stone // Director:A�The VikingsMoonesA�a�� Better Energy // DirectorA�Peter SluszkaJamesA�Blake a�� A Case Of You // Director:A�Seb EdwardsKeatonA�Henson a�� Small Hands // Director:A�Joseph MannBESTA�DANCE VIDEO a�� UKBengaA�a�� I Will Never Change // Director:A�UsBonoboA�a�� Eyesdown (Machinedrum Remix) // Director:A�Anthony F SchepperdDavidA�Guetta ft Sia a�� Titanium // Director:A�David WilsonHotA�Chip a�� Night And Day // Director:A�Peter SerafinowiczRudimentalA�a�� Feel The Love // Director:A�Bob HarlowTheA�Shoes a�� Time To Dance // Director:A�Daniel Wolfe

BESTA�URBAN VIDEO a�� UKA�A�in association with East End StudiosDelilahA�a�� Inside My Love // Director:A�Jake NavaDevlinA�ft Ed Sheeran a�� Watchtower // Director:A�Corin HardyDJA�Shadow ft Afrikan Boy a�� Ia��m Excited // Director:A�Ian Pons JewellLabrinthA�a�� Express Yourself // Director:A�Jonas & FrancoisPlanA�B a�� Ill Manors // Director:A�Yann DemangeRitaA�Ora ft Tinie Tempah a�� R.I.P. // Director:A�Emil Nava

BESTA�INDIE/ROCK VIDEO a�� INTERNATIONALCultsA�a�� Go Outside // Director:A�A�Isaiah SeretFosterA�The People a�� Houdini // Director:A�DanielsJackA�White a�� Sixteen Saltines// Director:A�AG RojasTenaciousA�D a�� Rize Of The FenixA� // Director:A�DanielsTheA�Shins a�� Simple Song // Director:A�DanielsWoodkidA�a�� Run Boy Run // Director:A�Yoann Lemoine

BESTA�POP VIDEO a�� INTERNATIONALJusticeA�a�� On a�?na�� On // Director:A�Alex CourtesLanaA�Del Rey a�� Blue Jeans // Director:A�Yoann LemoineLanaA�Del Rey a�� Born To Die // Director:A�Yoann LemoineLanaA�Del Rey a�� National Anthem // Director:A�Anthony MandlerMaiaA�Vidal a�� Follow Me // Director:A�Joana ColomarRihannaA�ft Calvin Harris a�� We Found Love // Director:A�MelinaA�BESTA�ALTERNATIVE VIDEO a�� INTERNATIONALDangerA�Mouse & Daniele Luppi, ft Jack White a�� Two Against One // Director:A�Anthony F SchepperdFeistA�a�� The Bad In Each Other // Director:A�Martin De ThurahGrimesA�a�� Oblivion // Director:A�Emily Kai BockTheA�Hickey Underworld a�� The Frog // Director:A�Joe VanhoutteghemM83 a��A�Midnight City // Director:A�Fleur & ManuSt.A�Vincent a�� Cheerleader // Director:A�Hiro Murai

BESTA�DANCE VIDEO a�� INTERNATIONALDuckA�Sauce a�� Big Bad Wolf // Director: Keith SchofieldFlightA�Facilities a�� Foreign Language // Director:A�Dimitri Basil / Laura GorunJusticeA�a�� Audio Video Disco // Director:A�SoMeJusticeA�a�� New Lands // Director:A�CanadaMoonbooticaA�a�� Iconic // Director:A�SkinnySkillrexA�a�� First Of The Year Equinox // Director:A�Tony T Datis

BESTA�URBAN VIDEO a�� INTERNATIONALBluA�ft U-God a�� Doinnothin // Director:A�David M HelmanCaseyA�Veggies a�� Euphoria III // Director:A�John BollozosKanyeA�West & Jay-Z a�� Ni**as In Paris // Director:A�Kanye WestFrankA�Ocean a�� Novacane // Director:A�NabilJay-ZA�& Kanye West a�� No Church In The Wild // Director:A�Romain GavrasTheA�Cool Kids a�� Rush Hour Traffic // Director:A�Joey Garfield

BESTA�INDIE/ROCK VIDEO a�� BUDGETBombayA�Bicycle Club a�� Lights Out Words Gone // Director:A�Rob & RobGrahamA�Coxon a�� What Ita��ll Take // Director:A�Ninian DoffHereA�We Go Magic a�� How Do I Know // Director:A�Sean PecknoldPiersA�Faccini a�� Tribe // Director:A�Cyril GfellerWeA�Cut Corners a�� Pirates Life //Director:A�Kijek & AdamskiWhenA�Saints Go Machine a�� Parix // Director:A�Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen

BESTA�POP VIDEO a�� BUDGETEJ a��A�Mama Ia��m Going To Sing // Director:A�JackIgorA�VolkA�A�- Voices // Director:A�David KrepskiLaurelA�Collective a�� Jelly Bird // Director:A�Crowns & OwlsLouiseA�Golbey a�� How It Is // Director:A�SpritzRentA�Boys a�� Shoot The Shot // Director:A�Zac EllaSA�bastienA�Tellier a�� Cochon Ville // Director:A�Alex CourtA?s

BESTA�ALTERNATIVE VIDEO a�� BUDGETC2C a��A�Down The Road // Director:A�Thomas TymanFactoryA�Floor a�� On Hold // Director:A�AB/CD/CDHilaryA�Hahn/Hauschka a�� Draw A Map // Director:A�Eric EpsteinRudiA�Zygaldo a�� Melpomene // Director:A�Nick RutterTheA�Death Set a�� They Come To Get Us //A� Director:A�Guillaume PanarielloThreeA�Trapped Tigers a�� Reset // Director:A�Chris Boyle

BESTA�DANCE VIDEO a�� BUDGETDeltaA�Heavy a�� Get By // Director:A�Ian RobertsonDeltaA�Heavy a�� Hold Me // Director:A�Kristofer StrA�mDisclosureA�ft Ria Ritchie a�� Control // Director:A�Ben Murray & Ross McDowellKidnapA�Kid a�� Vehl // Director:A�Drew CoxTobyA�Gale a�� Showdown // Director:A�Crown & OwlsToddA�Terje a�� Inspector Norse // Director: Kristoffer Borgli

BESTA�URBAN VIDEO a�� BUDGETA$APA�Rocky a�� Peso // Director:A�Abteen BagheriAstroidA�Boys a�� Bad Ass // Director:A�Like An EggDubbulA�O a�� Spooky Caravan // Director:A�Joe BroadyJamesA�Brown a�� Ita��s A Mana��s, Mana��s, Mana��s World // Director:A�Xavier FauthouxNoissesA�ft RTKAL, Lady Leshurr & Foreign Beggars a�� Run Your Mouth // Director:A�Drew CoxPatoA�Siebenhaar a�� GA? For Det // Director:A�Anders Bundgaard & Jeppe Hansen

BESTA�ANIMATION IN A VIDEODanger Mouse & Daniele Luppi, ft Jack WhiteA�A�a�� Two Against One // Animator:A�Anthony F SchepperdDeltaA�Heavy a�� Get By // Animator:A�Ian RobertsonFleetA�Foxes a�� The Shrine/An Argument // Animator:A�Sean Pecknold & Britta JohnsonGorillazA�a�� DoYaThing // Animator:A�Jerome Combe, Arnaud Delord & Pascal CharrueKinaA�a�� In Your Arms // Animator:A�Greg JardinMoonesA�a�� Better Energy // Animator:A�Kevin Coyle, Matt Somma, Chris Gilligan, Ellen Goldstein, Maxwell Sorensen,A�Matt Christiansen, Peter Sluszka

BESTA�ART DIRECTION & DESIGN IN A VIDEODuckA�Sauce a�� Big Bad Wolf //A� ArtA�director: Megan Hutchinson & Sunny MoonJusticeA�a�� New Lands // ArtA�director: Roger BellA�sKeatonA�Henson a�� Small Hands //A� ArtA�director: Josephn MannM.I.A.A�a�� Bad Girls // ArtA�director: Romain GavrasTheA�Maccabees a�� Pelican // ArtA�director: Andy Kelly, Clem Miller, Ashley Dando, Shaun Fenn, Sarah Ashcroft,A�Fiona Russel, Arthur de Borman, Max HalsteadTheA�Shoes a�� Time To Dance // ArtA�director: Sam Tidman

BESTA�CINEMATOGRAPHY IN A VIDEOA�in associationA�with PanaluxFeistA�a�� The Bad In Each Other // DoP:A�Kasper TuxenJamesA�Blake a�� A Case Of You // DoP:A�Stuart GrahamJay-ZA�& Kanye West a�� No Church In The Wild // DoP:A�Mattias MonteroLanaA�Del Rey a�� Blue Jeans // DoP:A�Rodrigo PrietoM.I.A.A�a�� Bad Girls // DoP:A�AndrA� ChemetoffUNKLEA�a�� Another Night OutA� //A� DoP:A�Steve AnnisBESTA�CHOREOGRAPHY IN A VIDEOAviciiA�a�� Levels // Choreographer:A�Richy Greenfield & PetroDelilahA�a�� Inside My Love // Choreographer:A�Javier De FrutosHauschkaA�a�� Radar // Choreographer:A�Nadia Espiritu & Patrick WilliamsThunderbirdA�Gerard a�� Thunderbird // Choreographer:A�Nandi BhebheTobyA�Gale a�� Showdown // Choreographer:A�Rueben Crossland-Jones & Jacob SteersWillA�Young a�� Losing Myself // Choreographer:A�Aletta Collins

BESTA�EDITING IN A VIDEOA�in association withA�VanderquestFlorenceA�& The Machine a�� Shake It Out //A� Editor:A�Thomas Grove Carter@ Family EditingJusticeA�a�� New Lands // Editor:A�CanadaM.I.A.A�a�� Bad GirlsA� // Editor:A�Walter MauriotPlanA�B a�� Ill Manors // Editor:A�Matt MeeTheA�Shoes a�� Time To Dance // Editor:A�Tom Lindsay @ Trim EditingUNKLEA�a�� Another Night Out // Editor:A�Julian Eguiguren

BESTA�STYLING IN A VIDEODuranA�Duran a�� Girl Panic // Stylist:A�Vanessa CoyleFlightA�Facilities a�� Foreign Language // Stylist:A�Dominique BasilLanaA�Del Rey a�� National Anthem // Stylist:A�A�Johnny Blue EyesMademoiselleA�Yulia a�� Gimme GimmeA� // Stylist:A�Andrea CrewsM.I.A.A�a�� Bad Girls //A� Stylist:A�Hannah EdwardsRammsteinA�a�� Mein LandA� // Stylist:A�Liz CowanBESTA�TELECINE (aka GRADING) IN A VIDEOJamesA�Blake a�� A Case Of You // Colourists:A�A�JeanClement Soret @ MPCJusticeA�a�� New Lands // Colourists:A�Ben Rogers @ GlassworksJay-ZA�& Kanye West a�� No Church In The Wild // Colourists:A�Simon Bourne @ FramestoreTemperA�Trap a�� Trembling Hands // Colourists:A�James Tillett @ MPCTheA�Shoes a�� Time To Dance //Colourists:A�A�Simon Bourne @ FramestoreWillA�Young a�� Losing Myself // Colourists:A�A�Simone Grattarola @ Rushes

BESTA�VFX IN A VIDEODuckA�Sauce a�� Big Bad WolfA� // VFXA�Artist: Caviar BrusselsFriendlyA�Fires a�� Hurting // VFXA�Artist: David LewandowskiFosterA�The People a�� Houdini// VFXA�Artist: DanielsHotA�Chip a�� Night And Day // VFXA�Artist: Chris Bristow & Ryan PassmoreJusticeA�a�� New Lands // VFXA�Artists: David Gomez & Martin Contel @ Glassworks BarcelonaWoodkidA�a�� Run Boy Run // VFXA�Artist: One More Productions

BESTA�LIVE MUSIC COVERAGEChaseA�& Status a�� Live At Brixton AcademyA� // Director: Paul CaslinChemicalA�Brothers a�� Dona��t Think // Director: Adam SmithLCDA�Soundsystem a�� Shut Up And Play The Hits // Directors: thirtytwoRizzleA�Kicks a�� Live And Typical // Director: James RussellTheA�Maccabees a�� VEVO presentsA�TheA�Maccabees In The Dark // Directors: Jamie Roberts & Will HankeVariousA�Artists a�� The Jo Whiley Music Show // Director: Paul Dugdale

BESTA�MUSIC AD a�� TV OR ONLINEKasabianA�a�� Velociraptor // Director: John PaveleyTheA�Killers a�� Battle Born //A� Director: Giorgio TestiOllyA�Murs a�� Olly Murs //A� Director: Paul CaslinPinkA�Floyd a�� A Foot In The Dark // Director:A�John Paveley & Paul GardnerStavangerA�Symphony Orchestra a�� Seven Vibes // Director: Christian Holm-GladSoulwaxA�a�� Radio Soulwax a�?Machinea�? // Director:A�Saam FarahmandA�THEA�INNOVATION AWARDALB a��A�Golden Chains // Director: Johnatan BrodaGhostpoetA�& The D.O.T. a�� Trouble // Director: UNKNOWNj.viewzA�a�� Rivers and Homes // Directors:A�Eran Amir, Shelly Carmel & Jonathan DaganTheA�Maccabees a�� VEVO presents The Maccabees In The Dark // Directors: Jamie Roberts &A�Will HankeMadnessA�a�� Our House at The Queena��s Diamond Jubilee //A� Directors: Rok Predin & LaylaA�AtkinsonVariousA�Artists a�� Alternative Advent Calendar //A� Director: David Wilson

BESTA�COMMISSIONERDan MillarDan CurwinJames HackettJohn MouleJulia FrostMike Oa��Keefe

BESTA�PRODUCERA�in association with RushesGareth ThomasLeanne StottLee GroombridgeLiz KesslerPhil TidyTamsin Glasson

BESTA�NEW DIRECTORA�in association withA�LocomotionA Nice Idea Every DayAbteen BagheriAG RojasBisonFocus CreepsNinian DoffBESTA�DIRECTORAndreas NilssonDanielsDavid WilsonEmil NavaRomain GavrasYoann Lemoine

THEA�PEOPLEa��S CHOICE AWARDA�in association withA�VEVOShortlist to be announced 16thA�October

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