We all hate pesky colds dona��t we? Well, one addition that will make all the difference to keeping you in tip top shape on the inside, whilst fighting to keep those annoying colds at bay are the wonderful green veg. The darker the greens, the better it is for you.

Dona��t you worry though, just because ita��s green, it doesna��t mean it tastes horrible. Ia��ve a vision of a small child pulling a face right now, but there are tonnes of recipes out there that secretly incorporates green veg in them, and the taste is virtually disguised! Hoorah!

Make sure you take heed of our top 5 green veg below and make sure you add them to your meals. Maybe you can do a winter challenge for the month of October and see if you can incorporate a green in at least 1 meal

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Spinach is a very nutrient enriched food, which is bursting the vitamins, and is very low in calories too. Ita��s filled to the brim with vitamin K, vitamin A, magnesium, folate, manganese, iron, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B2, potassium, and vitamin B6. Phew, that was a mouthful (see what I did there?). Ita��s very versatile and can be a fantastic addition to a plethora of meals.


Although we dona��t have to worry too much about getting sunburnt in the winter, Broccoli has some super elements to it that not only repairs sun damages skin, but also reduces the risk of heart disease and boost your immune system. Who knew the weird tree-looking veg would pack such a goodness punch?


Did you know that magnesium, found in romaine lettuce, does wonders in revitalizing muscular tissues, the brain and the nerves? Well, it does! Lettuce is also full of iron to help with the formation of red blood cells! Well this low calorie booster is sure to be an excellent addition to your winter does adovart work in black men salads


Peas belong to the legumes family and are a good addition if youa��re looking for some added protein. Theya��re also fantastic for cell growth and development, and frozen peas are cheap and easy! You can add them to a whole host of excellent dishes, which will add that extra bit of nutrition and colour too. Theya��re not just useful for when youa��ve got a sprain.


Cabbage is affordable, scrumptious and so easy to get your mits on. Ita��s a leafy vegetable of Brassica family and is a great source of vitamin C! Ita��s also a great detoxifier too, which means it purifies blood by getting rid of the toxins, which can only be a fabulous thing, right? Detox is always a great way to cleans yourself and make sure youa��re fighting fit.

Get creative in the kitchen this winter and keep yourself healthy with some great greens.

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