There are a whole heap of inspirational and empowering role models out there for girls and women alike to look up to and take encouragement from. They know the turmoil that has to be endured to be crowned champions of their chosen sports, and they also know the inspirational mantraa��s thata��s been said by their coaches, or to themselves, whilst preparing and playing. Wea��ve collected our 17 top quotes from some of the most successful and empowering women in sports, so when youa��re training, preparing or performing, you can remember what these ladies have said about how they got If you are looking for cost-effective solutions for your Minomycin purchase, you should check our offers a�� buy Minomycin just for 2.43 USD! to being the best in the world.

“Some people say I have attitude- maybe I doa��but I think you have to. You have to believe in yourself when no one else does – that makes you a winner right there.”Venus Williams (Tennis)

“The pain of discipline is far less than

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the pain of regret.”Sarah Bombell (Swimmer)

“A champion is afraid of losing. Everyone else is afraid of winning.”Billie Jean King (Tennis)

“I think sports gave me the first place where this awkward girl could feel comfortable in my own skin. I think that’s true for a lot of womena��sports gives you a part of your life where you can work at something and you look in the mirror and you like that person.” Teri McKeever (U.S.A. women’s swimming, 2012. She is the first woman to serve as the head coach of a U.S. Olympic swimming team. )

a�?I am building a fire, and every day I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match.a�? a�� Mia Hamm (Olympic gold medalist in womena��s football)

a�?Never put an age limit on your dreams.a�? a�� Dara Torres, (USA gold medalist in swimming)

a�?If you think you cana��t, you wona��t, and if you think you can, you will.a�� When Ia��m tired at practice, I tell myself that Ia��m not tired, and I can push through. If you tell yourself youa��re tired or if you tell yourself youa��re sick, your body is going to follow the mind.a�? a�� Kellie Wells, (USA indoor and outdoor hurdles champion.)

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“I’m strong, I’m tough, I still wear my eyeliner.”Lisa Leslie (Basketball)

“For an athlete, the biggest pressure comes from within.”Paula Radcliffe (Marathon runner)

“I love inspiring people, and if I can make a difference in one person’s life, then that’s success for me!”Sasha Azevedo (Athlete/Model)

“A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever.” a�� Mary Lou Retton (Gymnast)

“Don’t be afraid if things seem difficult in the beginning. That’s only the initial impression. The important thing is not to retreat: you have to master yourself.”Olga Korbut (Gymnast)

“The formula for success is simple: practice and concentration, then more practice and concentration.”Babe Didrikson Zaharias (Athlete)

“Don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, you can’t go wrong.”Ella Fitzgerald (singer)

“Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself.” - Lucille Ball (Comedienne/Actress)

“Never limit yourself, never be satisfied, and smilea��ita��s free!”Jennie Finch (Softball)

“Whoever said, ‘It’s not whether you win or lose that counts,’ probably lost.”Martina Navratilova (Tennis)

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