Tiffany&Co want’s to see the pictures that you believe captures true love.A� They’ve made a lovely photo gallery, an anthology of stunning pictures that people have taken and sent in which portrays how they perceive true love.A� Is there anything better than seeing some gorgeous pictures laid out beautifully? Not many things come close, and they’ve hand picked some stunning images that are bursting with love and hints at nostaglia.A� The snaps are perfect moments immortalised forever, a memory that’s captured and shared with anyone and everyone who wants to be a part of something so special between two people.

It’s a digital shoebox filled with moments from distant and recent past, of couples from all over the world who are in love.A� Tiffany&Co also have a special area to celebrate the Art of Romance and Love Stories.

The Art of Romance is a place where you can find ‘Romantic music and films. An insight into the heart’A� whilst if you click into Love Stories where you’ll find, well, love stories!A� brand viagra online canadian pharmacy All original, factual and you can send yours in too!

Find out more about Tiffany&Co’s gorgeous Love music, films, stories and photographs here, and I guarantee you’ll absolutely adore it!

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  1. October 3, 2012  3:35 pm by Ffi Davies Reply

    This is so stunning!

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