North Wales lady Rebecca Williams has taken her passion for superb jewellery craftmanship and changed it from not just being a hobby, but being a little slice of personal magic that can be the most perfect present for a friend or loved one, If you don’t want to spend too much money for your Rizact, you should check our offer – Rizact for only 7.87 USD! Sounds good, doesn’t it!? or maybe just for you!

Here are a few words from Rebecca about how she got into making her pieces, and what fuels her passion!

I don’t know how this has really happened, but I think my new hobby has got a little bit out of hand. Quite literally – it is all about the wrist action!

It all started one afternoon, when I was feeling restless (not a new feeling for me). I decided to see what I could make with the odd broken bits of interesting jewellery, vintage buttons, random beads and pretty pendants that I had

boxed away. This stash grew as my sisters and Mammy gave me the odd broken earring & unused necklace & I also found that I had quite a few new bits and bobs that I’d long forgotten about in my possession – including wire, clasps & actual tools!

Making these charm bracelets & necklaces helped take my mind off my New Zealand blues (a story for another day) cost of viagra tablet & gave me something productive to do. It was also very encouraging when I really liked the items I made and initially wanted to keep everything – as did my Mam and sisters.

Now a few months on I still want to keep all the jewellery, and I do have a habit of making myself a new bracelet to match my outfit. However, I like it even more when someone else compliments my work; this is what gives me the motivation to carry on. What I think

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makes my charms & chains a bit different is the fact that every piece I make is different – no-one else has the exact same accessory and this is something I really want to continue with. I’m happy to make similar bits, but I always ensure that I use one different bead – or put the beads in a different order. I like uniqueness. I also offer a custom service. If you want something and I have the stock, I am more than happy to make it for you.

Being creative isn’t really a new things for me, I’ve had my fashion designer dreams, (amongst others) and have always seen myself doing something a bit different to the 9-5 jobs that often consume me.

I am now at the stage where I’m testing the marketing to see if people like what I’m doing. I’m also experimenting with different styles. I’ve started buying different beads and charms, trying to keep everything fresh & seasonal. I still have a long way to go before this takes off as a real business, but I’m hoping to get an online shop on the go and put a REAL business plan together. I’m hoping that this is the beginning of something exciting for me – and maybe even you? Because if I can do it, golly, anyone can! If you’d like to see more MyLittleBexi, share ideas or even make an order here is where I’m currently hiding.

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