I’m generic viagra online hsa card sat in front of the fire at home watching the England vs France women’s rugby game whilst enjoying a nice, cold cider after winning a well fought match at hockey today, when a friend points me towards an article that was published on Peterborough Telegraph’s website. After having such an enjoyable day, and appreciating watching female sports on TV I read the insulting article, and I was little less than horrified.

Not only does it slate women in sports, it belittles the progress female-centric sports world wide has made over the past couple of decades, and the writer displays a glorious example of chauvinism, probably the one of the worst I’ve ever seen published in a local newspaper.

In one, quick, badly written scrawling of an article the author has insulted every single woman who’s proud to be partaking in sports across the world, not only by playing the sports, but organising, volunteering and coaching. But the first thing that springs instantly into mind is almighty insecurity due to seeing women not only displaying fine talent and tremendous fitness, but heroic showcasing of excellence and exuberance. How dare you, Mr Peterborough Today, undermining and swiftly dilute the efforts of women who put equally, or maybe even more, effort into sport today as men do. I bet you were waving your Union Jack during the Olympics when women were hauling in the medals for Britain, yet now, a few mere months after youa��re condemning the labours and exertions they had to toil through to ensure they were fit enough to wear the red, blue and white for you last summer.

If you want to read what was written, then head on over here, but if you want to read a positive, constructive and passionate article about the importance of women in sports, then I urge you to continue here. I

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believe in positivity as opposed to putting others down, and guess what, I learnt that through sport!

Over the past few months Ia��ve noticed how the representation of women in sports has been conveyed through the media, and I think wea��ve turned a corner. With the women cricket team making headlines, the rugby being shown on BBC as well as the cycling world championships, and the womena��s football being broadcasted on BBC 5 Live. I want to thank London 2012 for showing exactly what we have been missing in sports. Men and women were standing shoulder by shoulder, working together and winning together.

Some might consider womena��s sport not as exciting or enthralling as mena��s sport, but I find this utterly mind boggling. Ita��s the spin the media puts on the game in question. What mena��s sport lack womena��s sport excel in, and visa versa. Putting emphasis on quality of a game purely on the sex of the player is archaic.

I truly admire the women who are representing our nations, the ones in full time jobs or education, whilst cramming in fitness sessions around their busy lives because the sport is deemed a�?armaturea��. Why is it fair that their male counterparts are making an absolute fortune doing the very same thing, but the woman is out there working full time jobs, then travelling over the weekends to foreign countries to play for their country? These are the girls I look up to, and who deserve to be admired as role models. These are the girls that put in extra efforts and uses passion alone (not money!) to fuel their determination and ambition. These are the girls that make a difference to the future of sports.

For centuries men have oppressed Get the best Arcoxia deals at our online store today! Take a look at our offers and buy your Arcoxia for only 0.88 USD! women, and in the sports sphere, it is still deemed a male dominant world, but girls I urge you to stand up, wear that crest on your chest with the same conviction, passion and pride as the guys, and do your part to get girls in sports the same coverage as men do. Write up about your local games. Watch the spots that are broadcasted. Talk about it with your friends, and my goodness, for all the ones out there belittling your efforts, there are 100 more that are cheering you on silently from the sidelines!


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