The Olympics is a distant memory now, a historical sporting spectacle thata��s touched so many sporting fans and the general public, offering entertaining competitions, as well as bursting with pride and inspiration, but what now? The winter is fast creeping in, the icy fingers of winter gripping at the playing fields and astro turf, rain clouds loom overhead whilst the bitter bite of the Autumn wind nips at any bare skin thata��s on show. But this is the time of year where a plethora of incredible sports (and hugely British too) are played with a ridiculous amount of passion and desire. Ita��s the perfect time to get into grass root sports.

With the football season in full swing, the rugby internationals coming up, the hockey season is also gearing up to prove to be one of the most exciting yet, with the ladies winning a bronze at the Olympics Make sure that you check our Diclofenac Gel offers, because you can get it for only 9.74 USD at our store! , ita��s never been a better time to partake, and Ia��m going to give you 7 reasons why you should, as Ia��m a member of Ardudwy Hockey Club, which are not only my team mates, but my family too (some members are actually family members). how often can you take viagra

  1. Try Something New

It can be really nerve wrecking to start something new, or going back to a sport where you used to play but havena��t participated for a while, but you know what, I found that hockey clubs (well, most of them) are always on the look out for new members and to grow their club, so youa��ll always be welcomed! Dona��t be discouraged by feeling nervous, give it a go, or youa��ll regret it and feel like youa��ve missed out!

  1. Keeping Fit, Without Even Trying

OK, so you have to trya�� if you dona��t try, then whata��s the point right? What I mean here is ita��s not as monotonous as going to the gym or running down that route you choose to jog down. You find yourself pushing past boundaries, mentally and physically, not only because you want to, but because you want to be the very best for others wearing the same colours as you do.

  1. Socialising

Its common knowledge that hockey people are proa��s when it comes to socials. If youa��re a keen socialite or just fancy something different on a night out, then going out with hockey pals is more fun than I can put into wordsa�� but of course, you should drink responsibly if you choose to partake in any games.

  1. #ilovehockeysaturdays

What else are you going to do on a Saturday? Once youa��ve joined a hockey team and you find your team doesna��t have a game that day, I am nearly 100% sure youa��ll find yourself stalking other clubsa�� progress on social media like Twitter and Facebook (they make it really easy to stalk, which is great). Or, you could go even further and actually find yourself in coats and scarves watching rival teams battle it out in your nearby town.

  1. Sense of Purpose

Being part of a club can give you great sense of purpose and you find yourself learning and enhancing new skills constantly. You get some incredible feelings of achievement as well as a fabulous place to elevate some stress thata��s built up during the work week at work.

  1. Self Development Opportunities

Therea��s a huge amount of opportunities to learn how to be a coach, umpire, manager, secretarial experience and more with running a hockey club. Ita��s a self sufficient business after all! If youa��re looking at padding out your CV with extra curricular experience or your UCAS form (universities are always on the look out for hockey players) then youa��ve got a chance to develop these skills as well as working with likeminded people who want to nurture them. Perfect!

  1. Being Part of a New Family

Being part of a team is always a humbling feeling, that sense of working together, an army or weapon wielding warriors all having the mindset and seeing the fruit of such hard work at the end of the

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game is immense.

You end up spending quite a bit of time together as a club, going to training, travelling to away games, and having tea after the games. Some of the most inspiring people can be found on that hockey pitch.

So there you go, I’ve convinced you haven’t I? Give it a go, and if you want more information, check out your local hockey team or Hockey Wales, England Hockey, Scottish Hockey or GB Hockey for further tips, tricks and news on what’s going on in the hockey world.




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