The Benefits of Combi Steamers for Care Home Caterers

A combi steamer is the ideal cooking appliance for care home caterers. Compared to conventional equipment it produces more nutritious food, cuts running costs and, because it is multifunctional, saves space — it can replace 40 to 50% of standard appliances, reducing the kitchen footprint by at least 30%. One combi steamer can cook just love this website about everything, from a complete Sunday roast to Friday’s fish and chips — it can even do a full breakfast in just six minutes, including fried eggs (or poached, or scrambled), bacon, toast, tomatoes, sausages, black pudding, fried bread, hash browns and mushrooms.

The latest combi steamers have up to 30% more capacity, cut energy consumption by up to 20% and reduce production times by up to 30%, compared to previous models. They are brilliantly simple to use, because they intelligently adjusts to the way each chef works. Plus, cooking results are outstanding. All of which makes the combi steamer ideal for care home caterers.

Healthier food… A healthy diet has to be a prime consideration for care home caterers. A combi steamer offers cooking that keeps in flavour and goodness, while reducing the need for extra fats. It cooks vegetables in their ideal cooking climate, minimising the loss of vitamins and other nutrients, and meats suffer far less shrinkage, thus retaining their food values and texture. Totally fat-free grilling is possible and even chips are healthier in a combi steamer: chefs can cook frozen (par-fried) chips so they taste great, yet contain 36% fewer calories and up to 80% less fat than those cooked in a deep-fat fryer.

Lower running costs… Because a combi steamer minimises shrinkage, it increases the portion per kilo from raw ingredients. For example, with roast meats a combi steamer can reduce shrinkage during cooking by up to 22%, compared to a conventional oven.

There are big savings to be made in terms of energy use, too. Compared to conventional cooking equipment, a combi steamer can save 70% on energy costs.

The latest combi steamers save hundreds of pounds a year in running costs, compared to standard combis, because they don’t need a separate water treatment system. Limescale build up is a huge issue with combi steamers — that’s why traditional models require external water softeners. New versions use biodegradable tablets to prevent scale building up in the first place.

Ease of Use… In care homes, catering staff are often busy and need to be able to multitask — with the latest combis, all staff have to do is tell it what is being cooked, push the button and let it do the job — so they can get on with theirs! There’s no need to monitor or baste, because the combi steamer takes over the whole cooking process.

Some models even clean themselves, fully automatically. All operators have to do is pop in a couple of cleaning tabs, when the unit instructs them to do so, and the unit’s cleaning system does the rest –producing a sparkling clean interior ready for the next batch of cooking. cialisfastest delevery document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);