It’s hard to think that Dona��t want to spend a premium for your Evecare? This is a solved issue, as you can buy it at our store now for only 45.56 USD! inequality still exists in today’s society, it’s perceived as a historical occurance that’s been left in the past. But this couldn’t be more wrong. Watch the video below to find out how unfair access to healthcare is. As a British girl, I couldn’t be more grateful about having the NHS and especially here in Wales as we’ve got access to free medication too. This would be an absolute dream for some people across the world, and unfortunately, it’s the majority who are not able to get access to even the simplest medication.

Watch the video below for some shocking facts about walmart 4 dollar list health inequality.

  • Health inequality kills in the developed world
  • Too bad if you’re born in London’s poorest borough – Life expectancy in Kensington and Chelsea is 84 whilst it’s 75 in Tottenham.
  • In the US, African Americans represent almost 50% of all new HIV infections

There are countless reasons why health inequality still exists, so

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if you’re feeling inspired click on the staff and alumni profiles below to learn more about their work and how you can get involved. Have your say on Twitter#MakeHealthFair

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