Sexism is a word thata��s loaded the negativity thata��s so strong it makes me cringe a little. It resonates nostalgic notions that belong between the pages of history books, yet there is one, deep, dark branch of sexism thata��s taken root in this modern and free world we reside in thata��s so fixated, a blind eye has been turned on it for far too long ita��s become uncomfortable, and it seems no axe is tough enough to turn it into splinters.

Before we delve into it, let me ask you, what would happen if an article was published in the mainstream media that completely bashed a female lawyer solely on her sex, not her ability and skill set, but entirely on which toilet doors she goes through during lunch time break? What about if you read that a lady police officer couldna��t make as many arrests as a man Eurax costs fairly much on the market in general. But there are advantageous offers anyway! Buy it only for 15.65 USD and save big! just because she was a girl? How about women teachers, being ridiculed in print claiming she cana��t teach as well as men could because shea��s a woman? Ludacris.

Why is it, then, acceptable to slate women in sports in this generalised manner? Sport is a profession, just like any other profession out there. There getting prednisone without prescription are several governing bodies encompassing sport, and too many professional women in sport have 2 professions, they juggle their day job and also represent their country on the world stage because of the lack of sponsorship and funding available.

Stylist Magazine has a fabulous campaign to promote #fairgame in sport, and they claim that

a�?womena��s sport receives only 0.5% of the total sponsorship income into sport (men get 62.1%)a�?

. Things need to change, and it all starts with the frame of mind.

What makes my blood boil completely is the amount of articles that surface in some of the worlda��s leading newspapers

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and media outlets completely devaluating womena��s efforts in sports, discouraging and disempowering the advances and achievements these hard working and inspiring ladies make on fields, in pools, in gyms and further afar. Most of these articles are written by men, and are laced with sweeping generalisations about women as a collective, and in sport as a whole, making the sting of the insult felt by aspiring girls and women across the nation. When I read such archaic comments I dona��t just hurt for me, but for all the other girls and

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women that surround me on a daily basis who are friends, family members, mothers, sisters, aunts, teachers, rugby players, footballers, hockey enthusiasts, swimmers and more. With a few quick taps of a keyboard and an anthology of brash comments just to fill a few inches on a page, hundreds upon hundreds of women are being ridiculed.

In future, I hope women and girls in sports get the credit they deserve and that this horrible sexist attitude thata��s cloaked sport is finally lifted for good, and the merits and achievements are met with equal reward and congratulations as our fine male counterparts receive. No time like the present.



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