Womena��s football has been in the lime light quite a bit with the Euroa��s taking place and the English dreams dashed with a mighty French force dominating the game. This is not what wea��re focusing on. Today, Jess Fishlock of Wales and Seattle Reign wrote a rather fantastic piece about womena��s football for the BBC, not only that, but Welsh womena��s football and the fact Are you in need of cheap Clindamycin, but unable to find it? Buy in for just 1.48 right here! that the country will be hosting the under 19a��s Euroa��s in August.

Excellent! Whata��s not so excellent is the ridiculous amount of abhorrent, rude, disgruntled and utterly archaic comments thata��s scrawled underneath the piece. With many people scratching their heads as to why women in sport dona��t get the coverage

they deserve, ita��s coming to light more and more that the country as a whole isna��t behind them. I am all for free speech and the right to express them as you wish. Wars were fought to give you that right. However, I have the right to say that these ridiculous comments are little less than crass, unintelligent drivel that undermines a ridiculous amount of effort women in sport toil through each and every day. These women are peoplea��s daughters, muma��s, sisters, friends, family members and more, and these comments are purely insulting. As time moves on we hope tolerance was becoming more of an a�?ina�� thing, but unfortunately, this doesna��t seem so.

Here are some examples:

Looking forward, following the women's EUFA tournament, to more comedy own goals, ghastly goalkeeping, bonkers reffing, and general fun all around. Penalties, anyone?

Please stop wasting space on the main football glimepride without prescription tab on women's football. There isn't a Sunday team in the country that isn't better. Stop it. Just stop it. File it under fork bending and ferret coursing. Nobody cares. Nobody. They can't sell out a stadium giving away tickets and you give it equal billing ? Ridiculous. Get a life. Wake up. Smell the coffee. Move on.

Yeah! Whoop! Whoop! Women's Under-19's is almost upon us. We all remember the last one and how much fun that was, don't we? Where was it again? Who won it again? NOBODY CARES!! And NOBODY CARES about your diary of a dreamer.

Shocking isna��t it? How can the game progress when this amount of grass root sexism is taking place? Attitudes needs to be changed, respect needs to be given, and someone, please, tell these people that a little bit of positivity can go a long way. If youa��re not interested, dona��t read it!

It breaks my heart reading such things, especially from a country that prides itself on working together to bring a fantastic new future. I urge each and every one of you girls who plays sports in any way to stand up when you hear these sorts of comments, and besides, youa��re probably a better footballer than them anyway.

Read the awesome Jess Fishlock article here and feel free to jot down a positive and supporting comment down yourself, a little bit refreshing if you ask me.


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