Wales as a nation is known for many things, but when you think of sports you instinctively think of rugby.  The land of our fathers has always had a fantastic reputation for the sport, but over the past few weeks, after the excitement of the 6 Nations has settled, a horrible, dark shadow has been cast over the tournament as we know it.  Unfortunately, it’s the women’s game that’s been shunned into the corners whilst the men are getting huge glory, the girls’ excellent success has been overcast with fears that the tournament will be turned into a two-tier competition instead of the traditional collection of games that we love like a national treasure.

The women’s game in Wales will be absolutely destroyed if the Welsh Rugby Union plan on changing the tournament, turning it into two levels, where Wales, Italy and Scotland will play each other in the lower tier whilst England, France and Ireland will play in the upper tier.  Even the notion is mind boggling, and will be a devastating blow to the girls’ game entirely. 

WRU have kept quiet about details of the proposed new tournament, and refuses to comment until an official statement has been made after representatives from each nation has voted on the new 6 nations competition for women.  Even the girls who play for Wales will not know until the press release has been made.  What confuses me is that there isn’t a single woman in the boardroom making these decisions at all.  It seems highly archaic that these men are planning on turning the 6 Nations into a complete farce in order to cut back on funding, and focus on the 7’s competition ahead of the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Brazil.  Why can’t we have it both ways like the men? Why do the women have to suffer the cut backs? I’m pretty sure that nearly half the people who go an support the men’s game are women, they buy the tickets, jersey’s, drink the beer, sing the songs, so why can’t we have the same support? Why is equality a laughable idea in sports?

Non Evans, ex captain who won 87 caps proudly representing Wales on the pitch told BBC Sport

“If this happens it's the end of women's 15-a-side rugby as we know it."

  Grass root clubs and teams need the international team as inspiration to better their own game and to focus their own dreams on.  How can a committee sleep at night knowing full well they’re considering running the 15 a-side game for women in Wales? 

During the 6 Nations, Wales’ women qualified for the next Rugby World Cup, proving their world class status and the need for more games, not less.  More support from the governing body, the fans, the clubs not a reactive plan that will make We have gathered all the best deals on the market for high quality medicines. Buy your Triamcinolone at our store now only for 0.91 USD! playing for your country even harder than it is already.

Plain Cymru AM Bethan Jenkins has stated

“at a time when women’s sport is drawing unprecedented interest, this appears to be a huge step backwards by the WRU”

, according to, and she’s hit the nail on the head.

There has never been such an exciting and invigorating time for women and girls in sports, but we’re a long, long way from equality in sports, and every tweet, mention, hash tag, article, blog post, interview and image supporting women in sports is a step in the right direction.  Get behind the girls and #backthegirls, before it’s too late!

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  1. April 6, 2013  7:33 pm by John Birch Reply

    The policy about concentrating on 7s to prepare for the Olympics might make some sense if Wales had a team at the Olympics. In case the WRU have not noticed, they don't!

    It will be a combined Great Britain team, and how many Welsh players would get into a team when competing players from with England (bearing in mind England's far greater preparation, including several years of playing sevens at world level)? One? Maybe?

    Even better the WRU statement spoke about preparing for the Commonwealth Games... where there is no women's competition (certainly not in 2014, or 2018)!

    So the whole of Welsh women's rugby is being sacrificed in order to either get maybe one Welsh woman to Rio - or qualifying for a tournament that does not exist!

    In short - and I am being charitable here - the whole policy is based on total ignorance of women's rugby.

    • April 7, 2013  2:31 pm by Ffi Davies Reply

      Absolutely spot on!

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