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featured as part of the 100 Deeds project that focused on modern day feminism and will be a part of People’s History Museum: , 4th a�� 14th June 2013 as part of Wonder Women: Radical Manchester, alongside the memorial of Emily Wilding Davison, & Wilding Festival, with a�?Soundcastlea�� London. Our editor Ffion Davies has taken Queenster on a bit of a new journey, with the inclusion of focusing on women in sport and giving the girls the coverage they deserve. This is what she wrote as part of 100 Deeds:

Ita��s no secret that women who play sport dona��t get the coverage they deservea�� during the Olympics, everyone were chuffed to bits when the women brought in the gold, silver and bronze, but the sad fact is, now the crowds have gone, their day to day sports dona��t get a sniff at the back pages. Queenster is a girl and woman centric online magazine, focusing on bringing cutting edge culture to you, but also, with a strong emphasis on women in sport, whether you play hockey, football, netball, rugby, rowing, skiing, anything sports wise, wea��re committed to showcasing the excellence that our girls are displaying on the pitches and beyond. Ia��ve been made a a��Change Makera�� by the wonderful Women in Sport Trust,

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and plan on ensuring that women in sport get a platforma��

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