The Quanta Fusion Program consists of two parts. One part by Jim Britt, the Power of Letting Go…and the other part by Jim Lutes, Mind Masterpiece…This review is of Jim Lutes Mind Masterpiece Program within Quanta Fusion…

Jim teaches taking control of your life, relationships, and finances by taking control of the subconscious mind by using simple techniques. Jim says the subconscious mind is unable to differentiate between what is imagined and what is real, what is fantasy and what is reality. What is imagined, according to Jim, becomes real. This all starts with the subconscious mind.

For example, if someone desires to be a millioinaire, then the subconscious mind can be programmed, according to Jim, and the subconscious mind thinks you are a milionaire. If you are programmed for perfect health, you will be moved in that direction. If you are programmed for perfect communication and harmonious relationships, you will be moved in that direction. Sounds cool, and fun, huh?

But first, you have to understand the rules of the subconscious mind. According to Jim, the subconscious mind is the feeling mind that reasons deductively, or from effect back to cause. The subconscious cannot differentiate between what is imagined and what is real, what is fantasy and what is reality. Jim further states, that what is imagined becomes reality.

Accoding to Jim, the subconscious mind, when properly programmed, gets you from Point A to Point B in your destination, dreams and goals kind of like a Ferrari. A whole lot faster than you thought possible. So, now you become armed with your Ferrari like mind’ to take you where you want to go.

But first, you have to understand the rules. According to Jim, the rules of the subconscious mind are set, and you are playing by these rules whether you know it or not and whether you agree with them or not. If you argue with the rules, they don’t really care, they continue to work anyway.

So, here are Jim Lutes 8 rules of the subconscious mind, in no specific order.


RULE 1 – Every Thought or Idea Will Cause a Physical Reaction – According to Jim, your thoughts affect the functions of your body. For instance, worry can cause ulcers, anger stimulates the adrenal glands, anxiety and fear affect your pulse rate, etc. Any idea in your subconscious that has emotional content will cause a physical reaction. The subconscious mind is the feeling mind. So, boom beach cheats hack according to Jim, to change the reaction, we have to change the idea in the subconscious mind.

RULE 2 – What is Expected Tends To Be Realized – an extremely powerful rule, especially for those that are success oriented. The brain and the nervous system only respond to mental images. The mental images can be an internal image or something external you are viewing. That mental image becomes the plan for the subconscious mind to execute. Your subconscious mind will execute to the fullest whatever your mental image projects. Jim says the subconscious is programmed only 3 ways, by repition, by authority figures, and by traumatic experiences.

RULE 3 – The Imagination is more Powerful Than Knowledge or Reason when dealing with your own mind or the mind of another – How can imagination be more powerful than knowlege? Because it is accompanied by emotion, imagination is more boom beach cheats hack powerful than knowledge or reason. Always remember, your IMAGINATION can be ally or adversary.

RULE 4 – Opposing Ideas Cannot be Held at one and the same time – your of subconscious mind is incapable of holding opposing ideas at the same time, its impossible. That does not mean you can’t have more than one idea in your memory and go back and forth, but they cannot be held simultaneously. Unless this rule is understood, it can create frustrations, conflicts, stress and anger that elicit more emotions.

RULE 5 – Once an Idea has been accepted by the subconscious mind it remains there until it is replaced by another idea – the longer the idea remains in the subcconscious mind the more opposition there is to replacing it with a new idea. If ylou have been overweight for several years, its gonna be difficult to lose the weight, without subconscious reprogramming. We have to remove the negative thought of being overweight.

RULE 6 – An Emotionally Induced Symptom Will Cause Organic Change if persisted long enough – this is tied to personal health. An emotional idea of being sick or healthy will be realized if that idea exists long enough. Repition creates subsconscious change, remember.

RULE 7 – Each Suggestion that is acted upon creates less opposition to the successive suggestion – this is a very powerful rule as well. This is a trend, a mental trend. Once your subconscious mind accepts it, its easier to build upon it. Very powerful in your finances, from going from $100,000 per year to $200,000 per year and so on. The new suggestions are becoming easier because you have already followed similar suggestions. This can be used as a very powerful ally.

RULE 8 – The greater the conscious effort the less the subconscious responds – a clenched fist to grab water vs. the cupped hand to let water gather in your palm represents the conscious effort (clenched fist) vs. the unconscious effort (cupped hand). Let the subconscious programming work without you getting in the way. Suspend the conscious effort and get out of your own way.

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