Some people call it “senior moments”, some people call it “spaced it out”, simply speaking, we all sometimes forget something – human nature. It happens with quality and environmental manuals too. Quite often some requirements of ISO 9001:2000 standard are not present in quality manuals. Well, let’s talk about how to remember all those elements of the standard. Even if your quality manual is for just one standard and you have electric kettle guides a lot of exclusions, the manual still may be a rather detailed document. Even after years and years of consulting and auditing, I would not be certain that I could prepare a quality manual from scratch without a checklist to reflect all the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 standard. It is relatively easy to develop a checklist for ISO 9001:2000 quality manual. We can start from the “30-thousand feet” view by establishing a framework similar to a table of contents. You can list titles of the elements that are applicable to your QMS, such as the Scope, Application, Terms and definitions, Quality management system, General requirements, etc. Depending on the level of details that you wish to include in your checklist, this document may become a busy procedure. For practical purposes, I recommend a 3-4 column table for Clause boom beach cheats hack number, spelled-out requirement and space for documenting where the response to a requirement is located in the QMS. In case of element six, as an example, we may begin from recording section’s titles: 6 – Resource management; 6.1 Provision of resources, 6.2 – Human resources, 6.2.1 – General, etc. Placing the titles and therefore establishing so to speak, the skeleton, of our checklist gives us a matrix to position other requirements. As an example take a look at the element 5. Since we already documented the titles 5 and 5.1, we need to “dig” deeper. The first requirement of the element 5.1 is: “Top management shall provide evidence of its commitment to the development and implementation of the QMS” So, we will add this requirement to our checklists as: element No. – 5.1, Title – as it stated above. When you fill out your checklist, you obviously need to indicate where this commitment is located. To evaluate if this requirement addressed satisfactorily in the manual, you may check if this commitment is supported by management review activities, allocation of resources, etc. When you document all applicable requirements of ISO 9001 standard in your checklist, you will be able to verify if your quality manual meets the requirement of your company and the standard. The process above described a way to prepare a checklist for verifying quality manual for one standard. In fact, many organizations develop management systems for more than one standard. As an auditor, very often I see integrated ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 management systems. Don’t panic! The process is the same: integrate specific clauses on the second standard into your list which is based on the starting standard. Check out hyperlinks below to read our paper on design of checklists – it is easy, simple and saves time.

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