List 5 health and beauty products you swear by…

Fudge wax for hair, it’s an essential for me; Corsodyl for my mouth – you must have fresh breath as an actor; Astral moisturiser – you might look like you have a greasy face but it’s nice to have soft skin. And the new L’Oreal deodorant as well as Calvin Klein Number 1 aftershave.

An unusual beauty secret…

One of the best fake-tans is A?2.99 from Home Bargain called St. Moritz

What 3 things would take to a desert island?

Toothbrush, toothpaste – you should always have a clean mouth – and a razor.

Hair then make up or make up then hair? How do you achieve it?

I always do hair last, because if you do your hair first your face might look rubbish and it ruins the look. Always do skin first.

Fake Tan or English Rose?

Fake tan! I like girls to be English Roses though.

How long does it take you to get ready for a night out?

It takes me about 45 minutes. I have a shower, then put a towel on the floor and talc my body, iron my outfit, do my face then hair then I spritz all over – you’ve got to wear aftershave all over, even private parts!

What process is involved in achieving an awards look? Do you enjoy it?

It’s all about the outfit and being daring with one part – you’re either daring with shoes, trousers or jacket – not everything.

Favourite body part?

I’ve learnt to accept my nose, I like that the best – I used to think it looked a bit a�?Michael Jackson’, but I like it now.

Have you ever broken a bone?


Where do you shop the most?

Topman, I get a 40% discount card. I like the fit as well – especially the jackets.

Shopaholic or Sensible staples?


Designer or High Street?

High Street

Whose every day and red carpet style do you most admire? (Other celebs or Hollyoaks artists)

Red carpet – Zac Efron, I think he always looks really dapper and clean – never scruffy.

Day to day – James Atherton (Will from Hollyoaks) he’s very unique and individual – he’s not a sheep.

Summer or Winter?

Summer, I like wearing shorts with loose baggy jumpers, even though jumpers are a winter thing, I think you can get away with that, and flip flops. You can get away with the a�?European look’ on hols – I shop at Zara a lot for Summer.

What one item in your wardrobe would you save from a burning building?

My first ever Soap Awards jacket, which is from Vivienne Westwood. I’ve never worn it since but I’d never get rid of it.

Are you a Shoes, Handbags or Accessories kind of boy?

All about the shoes, I have levomax tablete a ridiculous amount. I never throw shoes or clothes away. For this job, you’re required to get new outfits for different events, so I’ve accumulated a lot. I’ve got nearly two rooms dedicated to shoes and clothes!

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