Wouldn’t it be awesome to hangout with one of your favourite singers/bands before a massive arena show?  Well, 9 Peter Andre fans got the chance to put some questions to him before he goes on stage at the o2, all thanks to Google+!

The internet is an incredible social tool, enabling fans and artists to communicate in ways that were unimaginable some 20 years ago, and Google+ have brought Need an affordable deal for the purchase of your Metformin? Buy it at our online store for $0.36 only! 9 fans close to one of their favurite singers and got the chance to ask him some questions, nearly as personal as being there in the flesh! Isn’t technology wonderful?

Watch the video below to see how they did, and follow The O2 Google+ page to find out more: http://goo.gl/au9uO

Who weight loss would you like to video chat with, if you got the chance?



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