MTV, the channel famed for its music videos of the past and reality TV of the present has created a brand new concoction of a�?real life situationsa�?, this time situated in the surrounding areas of capital city, Cardiff, also known as a�?The Valleysa��.

The show have brought together 4 boys and 4 girls, stuck them into a house together in the city and the aim is to a�?see if they can make it in Cardiffa�?. A�

The show has already gained a tremendous amount of criticism due its stereotypical nature and painting the area in a bad light. lisinopril from india pharmacy

The BBC reports that Charlotte Church has said:

a�?I think it will be exploitative and a horrific representation of the country that I lovea�?

Local MPa��s have claimed they will not be watching the show.

The BBC have also reported that the showa��s director has responded by saying:

"It's absolutely not about stereotyping. I feel whenever you make a successful reality show, there are always some accusations. But the show is absolutely celebrating these nine young people and their mentors. It's very much about their individual stories.a�?

Personally, the likes of Geordie Shore didna��t appeal to me, and the fact that MTV is willing to stereotype so much is definitely a turn off, literally.

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    • September 27, 2012  10:46 pm by Chris "MUG5" Maguire Reply

      They really have hit rock bottom on TV now. WTF is wrong with this world? I will be ashamed that this is how people of the world will see Welsh people.

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