With a petition already circulating here in the UK with regards to keeping women on banknotes, it seems archaic compared to the likes of Samoa, who have their rugby team being crowned champions at the IRB Hong Kong Sevens in 2007 on their 10 Tala 2008 banknote.

I stumbled across this today and thought it was absolutely magnificent, and a fantastic way to honour the women who represent their country. With the success of London 2012 Olympics still very vivid in our memories (especially after the anniversary games) it makes you wonder how some of our true Olympic and Paralympic super stars have not got the recognition they deserve. Of course, whilst the games were on, it seemed as if they were true heroes, which they still are in my opinion, but in reality, women's Wea��ve got the best Panmycin prices on the modern market. You can buy your Panmycin for 0.92 USD with us now! role in the sporting world hasn't improved much, with maybe a small shift towards coverage, sponsorship and attention at best.

During the Olympics and Paralympics, our girls alone had more medals on the table than a rather hefty amount of countries! They might have a golden post box, but what next for thewomen and healty man girls who are representing us all over the world in a myriad of sporting events?

With regards to rugby, our women still have to work full time and then play

rugby after the working day is done. This

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would be a laughing matter if you thought of the likes of British international men rugby players having to work an 8 hour day and then train and then travel on weekends to play for their country. We need to make the game pro for our girls too, fair is fair.

Maybe we should follow the Samoan example? I seriously think we should!


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