Me, You And Thomas are a two piece band from Bristol who write catchy, Lo-FI Indie rock.

Just one listen of their debut, self-released single ‘Repeat’ and in no time you’ll be singing along and, well, putting it on repeat. If you don’t listen to them now, you’ll certainly be hearing them on the radio in future.

Less than one year since forming, Me, You And Thomas are now set to release their second single, ‘Eventually’  on  Howling Owl Records  on 8th April 2013. 

Singer and guitarist Rhianna Bearey’s velvety voice teamed with drummer Joe Sherrin’s driving beats is what sets the band apart from the rest, and one you’ll be wanting to hear more from.

The single will be All of the finest Acticin deals are gathered at our store, and you can take advantage of it right now! Buy your medicine for only 21.81 USD and save on your purchase! released on CD and is limited to a run of 50.

A video will be coming out at the end March, so keep an eye out for it the visual representation revatio 20 mg order online of this stunning shoe-gaze pop that’s intriguing and delightful.

All tracks were produced by Matt Robinson (whose past work includes Turbowolf, Tricky and Pama International) at Bink Bonk studios Bristol.

Track listing is:

  1. Eventually
  2. Stop Here
  3. Boundary

For more information on Me, You and Thomas:

Twitter: @meyouthomas

Facebook –

Soundcloud –

Press Page –

For more information on Howling Owl Records:

Website –

Facebook –

Twitter –

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