Justin Bieber started posting videos of him singing all types of songs including rock, pop, hip hop, rap, classics, ect.  He posted these videos on YouTube for his family and friends to see. Bieber quickly gathered a small online fan base that posted comments asking him to post more videos. 

Scooter Braun (Justin Bieber‘s manager) was searching for a song called ‘Respect‘ by Aretha Franklin and he saw this little boy singing on YouTube.  Scooter clicked on the video and thought Justin Bieber had an amazing voice.  He was so impressed after watching all his videos that he cancelled his meetings the next day in order to meet him. The rest is history.

Ryan Fulps, a music executive who heads Clutch 32 says every artist must be present on YouTube

“There are several sharing sites that are popular but YouTube leads the pack” says Fulps. “YouTube is becoming increasingly important to the music business. In fact, some industry professionals say it has become the MTV of the digital generation”.

In the old days, new bands created buzz by playing clubs and getting on local radio. Today, record labels often gauge a new band’s popularity by looking on YouTube international order of cialis . Jeff Dodes, head of multimedia for a division of Sony Music, says that’s where one of his talent scouts saw the video for the song “The Stanky Leg,” by The GS Boyz. “The Stanky Leg” had created so much excitement on YouTube that Sony decided to sign The GS Boyz. And Dodes says that when the group makes its record for the label, he’ll take The GS Boyz back to YouTube to promote it.” (NPR)

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