The actress Lindsay Lohan has been attacked in a hotel room in New York City today (30th September), and a man has been arrested, her spokesman told Reuters.A�

Media reports have described the incident as a a�?scufflea�� do to Lohan demanding that pictures on the mana��s cellphone be deleted.

Lindsay suffered minor injuries from the incident, Hoing (spokesman) said in a statement, but a spokeswoman from the New York Police department did not immediately comment.

Sources who are very close to Lindsay have apparently told celebrity website that the man was someone who Lindsay had met in a nightclub.

According to TMZ, Lohan told the police that the man threw her onto the floor, then jumped on her and proceeded to try and choke her before someone else intervened.

Lohan buspar discontinued has been in and out of court and rehab over recent years, and only last week was she charged with leaving a scene of the crime (a misdemeanour) after a pedestrian alerted the police, stating that the actress had hit them whilst driving.



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  1. September 30, 2012  10:57 pm by Ffi Davies Reply

    Goodness me! I feel sorry for this poor girl...

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