Ita��s not unlike Lady Gaga to go the unconventional way, whatever she sets her sights on.A� With her new advert shea��s gone the polar opposite to what we expect from a perfume advert. Gone is the romantic seduction of balmy summer sunshine and cascading waterfall splashing on the torso of an epitomised ideal of either man or woman.A� What wea��ve got Is a dark, somehow unnerving display of a giant, yet deliciously naked, Lady Gaga, with tiny men clambering for dear hope from every curve.A� Shea��s an Adonis lying in the pit of a rainless storm, displaying her sheer power, holding onto a gigantic bottle of perfume and suddenly looking to the sky, only to be suddenly replaced by a masked Gaga and a piercing scream.

If you could think of the opposite to the usual perfume advert, then Lady Gagaa��s new a�?Famea�� advert is just that.

The brilliant display of sheer determination to do things her way has spilled over from one song to the next, from fashion to interacting with international pharmacy cialis fans, and now wea��ve got a brand new perfume concept. Would it work for anyone else rather than Gaga? I doubt it would.A� Only the Lady herself has the personality and charisma to pull off such a compelling perfume campaign.

I cana��t wait to surrender my sense of smell to a�?Famea��.

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