Ita��s that time of year again, the kids are back in school and it can only signal one thing, the big winter festival is on its way, where the carnival of shoppers are starting to plan for one of the yeara��s biggest events, Christmas.

Personally, I absolutely love this time of year, the name of viagra for women… copper leaves scattered upon pavements, a chill bites the air whilst you wrap your new scarf tighter around your neck, and a�?tis the season to have a roaring fire nestled in the hearth.

This is also the time of year where John Lewis bring out their autumnal advert, signalling the shopping frenzy, yet also, bringing a gorgeous display of cinematography and a stunning story infused with history, emotion and above all else, love.

Last year, the soundtrack to the little boya��s complete desire and excitement to have the pure joy in simply giving a gift to his parents was Slow Moving Millya��s haunting rework of The Smiths a�?Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Wanta�� shot into the charts, and combined, made one of the most emotive and most loved adverts in recent years.

2012a��s John Lewis advert is just as beautiful, where the screen is split into two, and the past and present run parallel, a day in the life of a 1925a��s girl and a modern 2012 man, conveying unrequited love.

Although the pair never cross boundaries, the nostalgic and modern tale displays how love never changes, no matter if youa��re writing a love letter on a piece of paper, or via text, love is always a constant, never changing yet always evolving.

This is what John Lewis has to say about the ad:

a�?Our new TV advert sets out to prove that what’s really important in life doesn’t change either.

The advert is the story of two people falling in love. On the left side of the screen we see the

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girl’s side of the story. She lives in 1925, the year that John Lewis made its life long commitment to Never Knowingly Undersold. On the right side of the screen we see the boy’s side of the story. He lives in the present day.

By bringing their two worlds together as one, we show that falling in love, and embarking on a relationship, is a universal story which will keep being replayed throughout time. While many aspects of our lives today are very different to almost a century ago, the really important things haven’t changed at all.

The soundtrack is a cover of the INXS song, Never Tear Us Apart, re-recorded by Paloma Faith.a�?

I urge you to watch it, but beware, you will fall in love with it, just like you did last year.

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