Jessie J, whoa��s undergoing a sensational image change, removing herself from the previous cartoon-like image and donning a sexy new image, has been making appearances recently looking beautiful in an elegant new wardrobe.

The singer hasna��t completely changed her looks though, those alternative, rock-like features still being showcased, but instead of the harsh, square fringe, Jessie has adopted a new wavy hairstyle thata��s stunning, to say the least.

Shea��s rocking some delicious Dolce and Gabbana on the front cover of Ellea��s November issue, and although shea��s sang a�?ita��s not about the moneya�? in her chart topper, a�?Price Taga��, it cialis cs sure is about the stunning collection shea��s wearing effortlessly.

We cana��t wait to see what else shea��s rocking in the latest edition, which is out this Wednesday, and shea��s sure to provide us with a fantastic interview, which is always full of spunk and attitude.A� Just like we like our Jessie!

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