Janet JacksonA�has fired off a legal letter toA�Vanity FairA�Editor in ChiefA�Graydon Carter, demanding the publication retract allegations suggesting the music superstar delayed her late brother Michaela��s funeral over a financial dispute.

In excerpts fromA�Randall Sullivana�?s upcoming book,A�Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael JacksonA�a�� and published in the esteemed CondA� NastA�magazine a�� it was alleged that Janet, 46, had delayed her siblinga��s funeral over money owed relating to the burial plot deposit.

a�?The article states that, according toA�Untouchable, Ms Jackson put down a $40,000 deposit to secure a burial plot for Michael Jackson but refused to let the funeral take place until that money was repaid. This is untrue,a�? Janeta��s attorneyA�Blair G. BrownA�wrote in the letter sent on October 5 and obtained byA�Celebuzz.

a�?Ms. Jackson never delayed the funeral in anyway. In fact, she paid for the funeral and was reimbursed for some of those expenses by Michael Jacksona��s estate in the year after the services took place.a�?

Jackson, via her lawyer, added: a�?In addition, there were other private costs associated with Michael Jacksona��s passing that Ms. Jackson incurred and for which she has never sought reimbursement. To falsely accuse Ms. Jackson of holding up her brothera��s funeral over money is outrageous. This story is particularly hurtful and distressing because of Ms. Jacksona��s strong desire to serve her brother, whom she loved dearly, and he wish to stand with and support her family.

Brown said the damage to Jacksona��s reputation was a�?exacerbateda�? because the article was republished by numerous media outlets around the world.

a�?I demand thatA�Vanity FairA�retract its statement that Ms. Jackson a�?refuseda�? to let Michael Jacksona��s funeral take place until the money she put down as a deposition on his burial plot was repaid,a�? the lawyer said.

a�?To the extend that this statement appears in excerpts of Untouchable published in Vanity Faira��s November 2012 issue, I demand that Vanity Fair publish a retraction explaining that the statement voltaren is false.a�?

Brown also claimed: a�?The article is replete with additional false and defamatory statement regarding Ms. Jackson.a�? The King of Pop died on 25 June, 2009 after suffering a cardiac arrest brought on by an overdose of anesthetic Propofol. He was buried in a private funeral place in early September, 2009.

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