One of the most exciting bands to emerge from the shores of North West Wales, Stonehouse, are releasing a brand new album called Junction on May 27th, which promises to be a spectacular blues rock offering, filled to the brim with gorgeous authentic blues that melts over seductive guitar riffs and soul shaking vocals.

Since their conception in December 2010 Stonehouse have gigged incessantly, both acoustically and when plugged into the mains. The first, albeit a live session, captured their acoustic mood and colour. Put together under pressure from gig comers to have something from Stonehouse to play, it captured Stonehouse and their songs from their a�?early daysa�?.

Their sophomore effort Junction, which is set for release on May 27th includes some of the heavier impressions of Stonehousea�?s original viagra buy in austria Live Sessions album and also includes newer acoustic songs. The heavier songs on Junction were recorded at LIPA studios in Liverpool under the expert control and patience of engineer producer Tomi Hargreaves; and the acoustic songs recorded engineered and produced by Stonehousea�?s very own mutli-talented Nathan Owen.Other than children and weddings (or is that weddings and then children), there have been no changes in the Stonehouse lineup. The three amigos, remain at heart a three piece that includes Deian Elfryn a�� drummer, cajun box and backing vocals; Nathan Owen – acoustic and electric guitarist, piano and keys; and Colin Roberts main vocals, acoustic guitars and bass guitar. Stonehouse are also very lucky to have some awesome musician buddies that join them from time to time. Owen Evans was the acoustic bass player on the first album was also freed to weave the incredibly warm yet dark bottom end on the acoustic tracks on Junction.

Diversification is a great thing I was always told, it broadens your perspective, ita��s the spice of life, and it is seemingly the nature of Stonehousea�?s live shows. The variety includes living rooms, snugs, streets, pubs, bars, clubs, a TeePee, a couple of fantastic Churches, a Bank Vault (in USA) and festivals the length and width of Britain; Stonehouse played an acoustic gig in a private house in Salem, piano bars in NYC and Boston; and in a small local bar in Guadarmar Spain.

Blood, sweat, and tears, a clichA� I know, but expect nothing but

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true passion from the Welsh boys. Junction took quite a while to complete. Drum tracking happened in November 2011, and the songs were finally finished in March 2013. This length of time is actually testament to the relentless slog of gigging as a band and as session musicians in other busy projects.

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