In week 43 on Hollyoaks: Spurred on by Bart’s constant drug use, Jono decides he needs to find a better life for himself, before he ends up like his best friend. When he takes part in a free army assault course day, he thinks that maybe he’s found the answer to his dreams…

Name: Dylan Llewellyn

Who do you play? Martin a�?Jono’ Johnson

How would you describe the character you play?

My character’s a bit cheeky and funny – he’s got a good heart, but he’s a bit naA?ve. He doesn’t know if he’s done something wrong, like when he hurt Ruby. He’s not a bad guy, he wouldn’t bully anyone. Him and Bart are good mates – they go way back, there’s a bit of a bromance there. Neil’s a good mate as well, but he’s no match for Bart. Jono looks out for Bart. Jono’s more immature than Bart, but more responsible.

Are you anything like them in real life?

There are more differences than similarities. He’s more cheeky and confident than me, I’m really shy around new people, whereas he’ll just say a�?how’s it going!’ He’s cheesier and comes out with odd things. We’ve got different humour.

If you could play any other character, who would you choose, and why?

I’d love to be Dodger because he gets all the women. He’s a bit of a player and he’s a cool role-model. The guys want to be him, the girls want to be with him. Or maybe Silas because you could get rid of the people you don’t like! You could go wild.

How long have you been in Hollyoaks?

Just over a year.

What’s been your favourite scene to shoot in Hollyoaks?

Some of the scenes for Hollyoaks Later were great to non prescription cialis canada film – it was brilliant to go to Amsterdam too.

And your worst?

I don’t have a scene that I hate, I love it all – it’s genuinely good fun.

What would be your ideal storyline for your character?

Jono could become a con-artist like on Ocean’s Eleven. He could con people and plan bank robberies and heists. He could get money and power and women, then get arrested, but then become a Don in jail!

Who is the hottest cast member?

It’s got to be Myra, in her younger days and now! She’s a babe.

Have you ever given anyone a Hollyoaks calendar as a present?


Do you ever use your job to jump queues for bars, clubs etc?

I try to but most people don’t recognise me in cool places like clubs. I usually have to get my friends to back me up.

Do you ever get sent any weird fan mail?

No, it’s all been good fan mail, nothing weird so far but I’m looking forward to that day – I like a surprise.

What’s your favourite joke?

“What do you do?”

“I work in an elevator”

“How’s that going?”

“It has its ups and downs.”

Who’s your best mate in the cast?

Laurie Duncan who plays Callum Kane. We go to football matches together, we’re pretty close and have a lot in common.

Who’s the worst in the cast for inappropriate laughter?

Probably Stephanie Davis, who plays Sinead. She’s a singer and a giggler on set!

Who’s the worst for forgetting lines?

There’s always one in our group, we have our good and bad days, me being one.

What’s the best thing about being in Hollyoaks?

Being on TV, being watched by loads of people doing the job that you love – it’s a great feeling.

What’s the worst?

It’s a clichA�, but filming summer scenes in winter. I’m currently wearing shorts and it’s raining outside.

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