Women and sport is growing day by day, getting more and more exposure, media attention and to be frank, this is sublime. However, the media can be detrimental too, with negativity hiding within a myriad of facts with quotes to back it up, with typical statements like a�?barriers to getting women into sporta�?, a�?therea��s not enough role modelsa�? and other such like comments.

Dona��t get me wrong, I believe that the balance within sport is completely leaning towards men, but a positive mental attitude is what women in sport need. In a recent article the BBC published entitled Sporty Women Key to Healthier Wales, Says Sport Minister, ex Wales footballer Kath Morgan stated

a�?I think a lot of the girls we see just aren't that driven - they have more facilities than we ever did when I was younger, but they don't seem to want to do the hard worka�?

. Of course, some girls need a push, a little encouraging into why they need to get into sport, and learn the facts why being a member of a sport club or organisation can be life changing for the better, but to say a�?a lot of the girlsa�� arena��t driven. In my opinion, thata��s just reactive, why focus on the negative when you can focus on the positive? Therea��s a huge push with women in sport in Wales, especially with the likes of the What Moves You? Campaign set up by Sport Wales showcasing the huge variety of sports and activities available for women and girls of all abilities.

So, forget the barriers, the inequality and the negative comments about women in sport and leta��s focus on the positives. Inspiration is all around, from friends to family members, to local individuals and teams achieving their dreams. Herea��s 7 reasons You can buy your Tamoxifen only for $0.81 right now! Take advantage of this premium offer! why you should get into sport, no matter what it is, you need to get involved!

  1. Joining a club or a team means you have regular training sessions and games, giving you a balanced fitness routine and something to break up the weekend! I absolutely adore hockey Saturdays!
  2. Meet like-minded people a�� having something in common is a great foundation in making friends, especially when you spend a chunk of the week with them. Youa��ll be surprised how quickly you find your team becoming a family.
  3. Socials a�� usually clubs and organisations have a plethora of fun socials organised, from meals out to tours!
  4. Fun a�� no matter what ability you are, nearly all sport clubs and organisations have different strands for beginners and advanced to make sure you get the most fun out of the sessions.
  5. Try something new a�� trying something different is so exhilarating, and life is too short to wonder a�?what would happen if I started playing this sporta�?,
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    so dust off those trainers and dive in.

  6. Skills a�� youa��ll be seriously surprised with how you can learn new skills and develop current ones without even trying, including team work, organisational skills, punctuality and a load of others.
  7. Playing sport will make you feel great a�� youa��ve already heard that doing exercise releases endorphins that make you feel on top of the world, so get involved with a club and feel immense even more.

So, I cana��t urge you more to get into sport as soon as possible, because it cost of propecia at walgreens will transform your life for the better, I guarantee it. I started playing hockey when I was 11, and I absolutely adore it, and still do.

Girls arena��t driven anymore? I think we are Kath, and wea��ll prove it to you!


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