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Listen ladies who have a vaginal discharge your concerned about is, no matter what you “read” involving the condition you “think” you may have, is that words don`t cure. It`s real people like your doctor who heals and answers the questions you love this website have. Written words are silent and don`t talk back, so it is up to your GP to clarify your vaginal problem “verbally.” The information below is a guide and hopefully will enlighten you on different aspects about abnormal and normal vaginal discharge. Have you for the first time noticed a vaginal discharge and want to know is this normal or, you are already familiar but your discharge has changed in color, consistency or texture.

It`s not unusual for a girl to panic and believe something isn`t right after seeing discharge for the first time, but to put your mind at rest, it is normal, vaginal discharge share more content is just one of the body`s “natural functions” so stop panicking. Nevertheless if it is not functioning right then that’s not natural. Vaginal problems usually come about due to infections of which there are several which affect the vagina. Bacterial vaginosis is a vaginal infection known more for the fishy smelling discharge and out of most infections is very common indeed. Discharge is the outcome of bodily secretions which grow from the small glands in the lining of the vagina/cervix. Discharge is normally expected to show round the time of puberty. It will not necessarily appear the same as the next woman`s because each woman varies, for instance, in shape, height, eye color and breast size etc. The amount of discharge you lose is often influenced by hormonal changes.

How can a woman tell if her vaginal discharge is normal or not normal? Well a usual physiological discharge is normally clear, smooth and faded yellow but should you the sims freeplay hack cheats tool experience symptoms like “to much,” it “changing color” to brownish red even green or “smelly,” then these are signs to say something may not be right. And what should women do when something’s not right, that`s right, seek medical attention. You would be silly not to. Any condition left untreated can make a bigger issue out of something that started out small. If your problem has occurred after a sexual encounter it could be a sexually transmitted disease, and unlike bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections vaginal pimples or other, – STDs can cause serious complications for the patient health wise.

A normal discharge would not normally express odor and neither give discomfort i.e. irritation or itching. These are indicators to say that everything is fine, (no smell – no discomfort) however if they should happen then you might be infected with a condition that needs determining.

Abnormal discharge can include:

” Nasty Smell ” Thick clotting ” Green color ” Blood specks ” Itchiness ” Sores and ulcers ” Lower stomach pain ” Painful intercourse

Possible causes for abnormality

” Bacterial vaginosis ” Thrush infection ” Dirty tampons ” Poor hygiene ” Gonorrhea (STD) ” Trichomoniasis

Candida albicans is the name tagged to yeast infections. Hormones in vaginal fluids and the harmless bacteria that settle in and around the vagina helps prevent thrush from happening. Normally vaginal issues rise when this natural balance is upset, and the Candida masses. Particular reasons that can give cause for the upset:

” Pregnancy ” Taking antibiotics ” If you suffer from diabetes ” Wearing tight underwear ” Vulva or vagina soreness ” Sickness ” Steroids because they can lower the body’s resistance to infection

Candida yeasts are already in the vagina, and they cause thrush when the body’s natural balance is disturbed. Many vaginal issues do cause an uncomfortable and embarrassing itch as it does with thrush, however thrush is not an infection known for a problem discharge. Douching is not a solution for clearing up the thrush infection, in fact it is not a healthy act either as it can remove the vagina`s essential harmless bacteria.

If the concern is an STD Gonorrhoea, then it`s understandable why the symptoms have had you worried and had you come forward to check it out. Gonorrhoea infection is caused by the Gonococcus bacterium. Regardless of whatever the type STD it needs to be treated. Gonorrhoea can spread upwards to the fallopian tubes, and cause infertility if left without medical attention.

The woman infected with Gonorrhoea can expect changes in her vaginal discharge and see it turn to green-yellow along with an unpleasant odor. Remember, if an STD goes untreated it can cause serious problems. Depending on the type of disease and how far gone it is, it can cause death.

Trichomoniasis is caused by a tiny amoeba-like (protozoan) organism called Trichomoniasis vaginalis. The vaginal discharge caused by Trichomoniasis is normally a foamy yellowy-green. It is also loose scant and smells and vulva soreness is likely. If you suffer from differences of which you are normally accustomed to then have yourself checked out. If you have pain when urinating check this out also.

If discharge shows thick white and itchy, then it could be you have the thrush infection. You can treat this yourself with anti-thrush cream or tablets, however if the problem persists after treatment of this nature call and see your GP. You have also the option of calling into a Gum clinic for an examination. GUM clinics carry out on-the-spot tests. Your personal information that you provide while being accessed is kept private – so no one need know of your dilemma, but in saying that it is best if you have someone to go along with you for support. To keep the vagina healthy and in shape needs nothing more than soap and water along with initiating common sense when it involves sexual intercourse. Use condoms to avoid GUM clinics etc by practicing safe sex.

A woman`s usual moist discharge rids dead cells and bacteria from the vagina which comes mainly from glands in the cervix, and is slightly acidic, which is the power behind infection prevention. The acidity results from lactic acid, formed by ‘friendly’ bacteria as they break down sugars. So from this you can see the reason why we need vaginal discharge and should look more to ways in keeping the discharge healthy as well as the actual vagina.

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