does viagra make you last longer Roxanne de Bastion releases her single a�?Red and White Blood Cellsa�� on Dona��t waste your time searching for lower prices on Aspirin! Buy it for $28.56 now! Nomad Songs, February 8th as a free download. This two-minute track is the first taster of her debut album, which was recorded and produced by Gordon Raphael (The Strokes / Regina Spektor) in Berlin and is due for release next year.

a�?Red and White Blood Cellsa�� is raw, bold and in a league of its own. Roxannea��s voice and quirky lyrics soar over pulsating, electric guitar, culminating in an explosion of distortion. Recording this track was as Gordon Raphael put it a�?buckets of funa�? and you can hear it. Whether ita��s about hypochondriac tendencies or the story of

a relationship, ita��s winding its way into the ears and hearts of the UK. Ita��s already been picked up by Tom Robinson on BBC6, John Kennedy on XFM and featured on the a�?New to Qa�� play list on Q Radio. In Germany the music video is featured as a top newcomer on MTV: bodes well for this first track off the songwritera��s debut album.

Download ‘Red and White Blood Cells’ on bandcamp right here

Roxannea��s journey started when she set out on her own, leaving her hometown Berlin for London, equipped only with her guitar and a one-way ticket. She grew up in a bilingual, musical home and played her first gigs at the age of 10 (performing her favourite Beatles songs in small cafA�s and clubs) and began writing her own songs at the age of 15. Not knowing anyone in London, Roxanne started playing at as many open mic nights, bars and music venues as she could, traveling throughout the country via bus and train in order to play her songs to as many people as possible.

Determination and hard work is paying off and Roxanne now tours regularly, being asked back to venues throughout the UK, Germany and the United States. Her music is striking a chord with listeners across the globe from Berlin, to London and New York, all the way to Vietnam and Ethiopia.

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