Eight Members Club, Bank, a popular watering hole for Londoners in-the-know is stepping back in time with a new series of events dubbed a�?Blind Beea��. A welcome addition to week-nights in Bank, Blind Bee will be abuzz with cocktails, food for the soul and skilled musicians from the London music scene with Cabaret, Balearic and Jazz performances.

Blind Bee invites guests to step back in time and enjoy old-fashioned glamour settings and night-time mischief. Completely hidden away from prying eyes, Blind Bee at Eight Bank welcomes those well

versed in the fine art of self-indulgence.

Nestled in the underground hideaway of this intimate and decadent drinking den, Blind Bee’s new list of Eight signature cocktails gives everyone, a license to swill, as they bask in the golden honey glow of the award winning bar. Eighta��s mixologists have created a concoction of cocktails suitable for the Queen Bee; try the signature Beea��s Knees of Orange infused vodka, Grand Marnier and a touch of lemon.

The series of Blind Bee events will play host to a profusion of live performers taking to the Eight Bank stage, with a collective range of entertainment on every week-night. From Jazz and Burlesque to modern Bossa Nova, Cabaret or Trip Hop to chill out lounge music, Blind Bee brings an eclectic mix Wea��ve got an advantageous offer for your Super Avana needs. Check our store and get it only for 7.11 USD today! of music with rarities to your weekly social calendar.

To gain access to Blind Bee, register for your exclusive membership from Wednesday 25th September with Eight Bank for one of the 500 available places. Membership to Blind Bee is A?250 + VAT and all approved candidates who sign up in the month of September, will receive a complimentary one man one jar original bar tab worth A?300 to use at any of the Blind Bee nights.

To pre-register for application or request more information please contact membership@eightmembersclub.co.uk.






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