From Revolver Entertainment and director John Stockwell (‘Into the Blue’ and ‘Blue Crush’), prepare yourself for a voyage into hell, to a place where primal fears surface with a bloody vengeance in ‘Dark Tide’, released 22nd October on DVD, Blu-ray, Download and On-Demand. Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry stars as Kate, an experienced open water diver, living with the memory of a brutal shark attack that has left its emotional scars. However, with her business making minimal income and the bank about to seize her boat, Kate accepts a lucrative deal from an extreme thrill-seeking businessman, William Brady – played by Ralph Brown (‘Alien3′, ‘Whithnail & I’) – who wants her to lead a dive with great white sharks… outside of the cage. Heading out to sea with her crew, and former lover, Olivier Martinez (‘S.W.A.T.’, ‘Unfaithful’), Kate sets course for the world’s deadliest feeding ground: Shark Alley.  But with a massive storm brewing and a school of Great White sharks circling for food, the dive is about to become a brutal, bloody descent into hell. 

Playing on humans’ natural fear of sharks, the film explores the lengths people will go to in order to survive. Dark Tide producer Mathew Chausse says: “What attracted me to this project, was a fascination with Great White sharks and of having a thriller that is not just a genre film. It’s a suspense film, but synthroid 125 mcg usa also a character study that looks at relationships between people thrown into extreme circumstances and how they survive.” Dark Tide stars Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry whose work includes a multitude of critically acclaimed diverse roles, including ‘Monsters Ball’ & ‘X-Men’ and the eagerly anticipated ‘Cloud Atlas’, alongside Tom Hanks, Susan Sarandon and Hugh Grant



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