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With this regimen in those studies, the following adverse events were reported at an incidence of 2 or greater for paroxetine at an incidence at least twice that reported for placebo abnormal dreams, paresthesia, and dizziness.

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Behavioural and eeg studies indicate that paroxetine is weakly activating at doses generally above those required to inhibit 5-ht uptake.

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Ssris approved for social phobia include paroxetine 89 including sr form and sertraline, but other ssris have also been shown to be effective eg, fluvoxamine 90 .

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Therefore, it is uncertain whether these results can be applied to daily clinical practice in countries eg, japan where the approved dosage for duloxetine is 40 60 mg day and ssris are limited to four compounds, ie, paroxetine, sertraline, escitalopram, and fluvoxamine.

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since there is little clinical experience, the concomitant administration of paroxetine hydrochloride controlled-release tablets and warfarin should be undertaken with caution see drugs that interfere with hemostasis .



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