Thirty years ago this Christmas, Channel 4 broadcast The Snowman – an enchanting animated film that follows the adventures of when is the best time to take cialis a young boy and a truly remarkable Snowman, adapted from author and creator Raymond Briggs’ iconic children’s book.

Now, the team behind the original film are delighted to introduce The Snowman and The Snowdog, a brand new sequel to the Oscar-nominated classic that will premiere on Channel 4 this Christmas.

The Snowman and The Snowdog will be at the heart of Channel 4’s Christmas schedule – a testament to the enduring appeal of this all-time family favourite. It will be full of charm, humour and warmth complete with a brand new soundtrack a�?Light The Night’ which features

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in the flying sequence. The much-anticipated sequel promises to reunite viewers with The Snowman and introduce a new best friend, The Snowdog – complete with odd socks for ears and a satsuma for a nose.

Channel 4’s Chief Creative Officer Jay Hunt comments, a�?I’m thrilled to announce that The Snowman and The Snowdog, a sequel as delightful and unforgettable as the original, will be the centrepiece of Channel 4’s Christmas programming.’

The film has been written by Hilary Audus and Joanna Harrison and is directed by Audus and art directed by Harrison – both of whom worked as animators on the original film. Producers are Camilla Deakin and Ruth Fielding. The sequel will be dedicated to the late John Coates, who produced the original The Snowman film and was instrumental in getting The Snowman and The Snowdog into production.

The team worked in close consultation with Raymond Briggs, author and creator of The Snowman, published by Puffin Books. He says, a�?I’m just the person who did the book a quarter of a century ago or something. They (the team) kept me in touch with it, which was very good, but I couldn’t suggest anything brilliantly creative to do because it has all been done, they did it wonderfully.’

Camilla Deakin, one of the producers at Lupus Films adds, a�?Making a sequel to The Snowman is a once in a lifetime opportunity and it’s been such a privilege to have Raymond Briggs’ backing. We are also delighted that We offer the most affordable prices for Prilosec on todaya��s market. Make sure to check our offers and buy Prilosec for 0.68 USD today at our online pharmacy! we’ve been able to make the film using traditional animation techniques, with a team of talented British animators’ hand-drawing every one of the 17,000 frames in the film. We couldn’t have done that without the full support of Channel 4, who have shared our vision every step of the way.’

The Snowman and The Snowdog is a Snowdog Enterprises and Lupus Films production.

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