A campaign highlighting the need to lift the ban on women’s canoeing in the Olympics has surfaced on change.org, propecia kaufen ohne rezept and getting a hefty amount of support.

The campaigners have stated:

Adding five women's canoe events to the Olympic program will have far-reaching benefits for developing women and girls not just in the sport of Canoeing, but in all sports. And it will send a message to the world that the ICF and IOC respect the principle of equal opportunity in sport.

Read the full letter to the International Canoe Federation with regards to the petition asking them to lift the ban, which will allow women Wea��ve got the best prices for Pletal you can find, so make sure that you check our offer and buy it for only 1.2 USD! to compete in Rio in 2016 in the canoe competition.

Or go one further and add your name to the petition here.

International Canoe Federation Mr. JosA� Perurena LA?pez, President, ICF

Lift the Ban on Women’s Canoe in the Olympics.

ISSUE: Eighty-nine years after Canoe/Kayaka��s introduction to the Summer Olympics, women are still banned from competing in Olympic Canoe events. Now is the time to mobilize the power of those who believe in gender equality. The International Canoe Federation (ICF) must now petition the International Olympic Committee (IOC), before they decide which events will be on the 2016 Program.

STATUS: Women from around the world are ready to provide high quality, exciting competition for Rio in 2016 but the ICF is either unwilling or unable to confront the issue of adding womena��s sprint and slalom events to the Olympics. Men currently compete in 5 Olympic Canoe events.

SOLUTION: Women canoeists want men and women to each have five events at the Rio 2016 Olympics. By including womena��s canoe – both sprint and slalom – in Rio 2016, the ICF and the IOC will show the world that the Olympic Chartera��s words a�?implementing the principle of equality of men and womena�? is not an empty statement and that they are taking an active role in achieving the goal of gender balance. It would have far-reaching benefits for developing not only women and girls in the sport of Canoe, but will demonstrate the encouragement of girls and women in all sports.

We want the ICF to petition the IOC immediately to add five womena��s canoe events to the Rio 2016 Olympic Program. We expect the ICF to live by the credo in the Olympic Charter: “The practice of sport is a human right”.

Women’s Canoe – Ready for Rio!

Sincerely, [Your name]

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